Former 'Baywatch' Babe Alexandra Paul Slapped With Restraining Order By Alleged Stalker — AGAIN!

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Well this is an odd turn of events…again.

Former Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul has been slapped with a temporary restraining order by the very woman she previously accused of stalking her in court papers, is exclusively reporting — and this isn’t the first time it’s happened!

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: ‘Baywatch’ Babe Slapped With Restraining Order By Alleged Stalker

Pacific Palisades, Calif. resident Nicole Albrecht filed for a temporary restraining order and civil harassment restraining order against Paul on Monday after the actress allegedly attacked her via road rage and a judge ruled it was both granted and denied, until a hearing is held in September.

Albrecht said her 11-year-old brother Jayson and 78-year-old grandmother Anni were in the car with her along with a passenger named Richard Wheeler who gave a declaration in the documents obtained by Radar.

“As we were in the left lane and tried to pass a white Toyota SUV that happened to be Alexandra Paul’s, she slowed down abruptly and for no reason changed lanes in front of us and jerked her car over into our left lane, and there were no other cars around us,” Wheeler alleged.

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“Frightened, Nicole moved into the right hand lane and tried to pass her, and then Ms. Paul quickly came half way into our right hand lane and tried to run us off the road!”

Albrecht and Wheeler claim the erratic driving continued, and “intentionally made an unsafe lane change into victim’s lane while driving and forced victim to take evasive maneuver.”

“Alexandra Paul baited me, trying to get me to run into the back of her car, in order to prosecute me further, or simply trying to run me off the road,” Albrecht, 31, described in the documents filed with the Superior Court of California in the County of Los Angeles.

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“Everyone in my vehicle, including my 78-year-old grandmother was scared to death that we would go off the road and wreck the car.”

Albrecht and Paul have a history of harassment claims against each other.

Last year Albrecht got a temporary restraining order against Paul after she alleged the actress tried to shun her from the community pool and the Baywatch star was ordered to stay away from the woman and refrain from harassing, intimidating, molesting, attacking, striking, stalking, threatening, assaulting, hitting, or abusing her.

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Interestingly, the legal move was reciprocated and Paul also obtained the same order against Albrecht.

For the ladies’ latest run-in, a court hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 16 at 8:30 a.m.

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