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Real Housewives, Real-ly Vile: Assistant Of New York Housewife Carole Radziwill Exposed For Hatred Twitter Hive Of Racial, Sexual & Drug-Addled Humor

Twitter/Getty Images

This social media lesson comes courtesy of The Real Housewives of New York City’s Carole Radziwill, who might be feeling some heat about her choice of assistants as this story goes viral.

Radziwill’s assistant Eric Goldie, who’s been seen on the screen of Bravo’s Gotham-based leg of the Housewives franchise, has fired off a number of mean-spirited, crass, drug-fueled and racially-insensitive tweets over the past few years, and on Monday, his chickens were coming home to roost as a number of outlets quickly shook out the closet of the newest Bravolebrity, nearly getting trampled by the avalanche of skeletons that spilled out in the process!

WARNING: Content Of This Post Might Offend Some Readers.

We’ve taken the time to sift through Goldie’s tweets and found a little something to offend everyone.

Celebrities: “Whitney Houston is almost 4 months sober!!!!!” (posted after the singer’s death); “Thought I just saw Taylor Swift in CVS but it was just a mop;” “I’d rather let Magic Johnson sneeze in my face with a bloody nose than watch any show on VH1;” “I can’t wait for Willow Smith to try coke for the first time. She will be such a better musician.”

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Drugs: “Xanax is my yoga;” “People who say that exercise is addictive should try heroin;” “Sometimes Adderall just makes me focus harder on wasting my time.”

Ethnic: “Thanks for those Cheeze-Its … now my mouth tastes like a Mexican cleaning lady;” “Sitting on a bench next to two Asians. I may or may not be looking up pictures of Pearl Harbor.”

Even young kids weren’t immune to Goldie’s gutter humor: “How old does someone have to be before you can officially call them an assh*le?” he tweeted. “Please say six.”

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This story doesn’t end there: When Goldie initially found out his minor celebrity had caused some light to be shed on his social media accounts, the recent college grad responded with the maturity you’d expect after reading his aforementioned pearls of wisdom: “Oh WOW, you found the ‘dirt’ on me. The more you talk, the harder I laugh.”

But it didn’t take long for him to turn over a new leaf — think Justine Sacco — and he deleted in excess of 1,000 tweets, and issued a (passive-aggressive) apology for the despicable writings.

“I take responsibility for all my tweets including those from my college yrs that I can see now are inappropriate,” he said. “I apologize if I offended.”