What A Load! Cops Spring Naked Man From Washing Machine He Was Hiding In To Surprise Galpal

A Melbourne, Australia man identified only as “Laurence” was the butt of many a joke, after showing his own butt — and everything else — to officials trying to spring him from a washing machine he’d been stuck in, after crawling in there to play a joke on his girlfriend.

Laurence, 20, said in an interview with Australia’s Fairfax Radio that he devised the rib on a lark, only to become horrified when he realized he couldn’t spring himself from the home appliance. After calling a friend, who summoned the cops, the man was lubricated enough — with olive oil he had in the house — to get him out of the machine.

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He told the station, “I was quite disappointed they used my good olive oil. As soon as the washing machine went on its side, it was a bit like a birthing.”

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Shepparton police Sgt. Michelle De Araugo told the Shepparton News that Laurence “was very well wedged in there and [officials] were concerned for his health and well-being.

“It was just a game gone wrong,” De Araugo said. “It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.”

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