Reporter On Receiving End Of Rude Publicist Speaks Out: Her Behavior Surprised And Hurt Me A Lot!

Video of Hollywood publicist Bryna Rifkin laying into a reporter on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival quickly went viral this week, and now has an exclusive interview with Catherine Beauchamp — the journalist at Rifkin’s receiving end.

The shocking video was published on Beauchamp’s YouTube page and showcased Rifkin rudely turning her down for a question with actress Marion Cotillard.

“She told us we could have one question,” Beauchamp tells Rifkin after she’s told she won’t get a chance to speak with the Inception actress.

“Nobody, nobody told you that,” Rifkin tells her in what is being described as a “disrespectful and condescending” tone.

“And either way, I’m saying no.”

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Beauchamp, who runs the French-Canadian media outlet Le Tapis Rose De Catherine, exclusively tells Radar that Rifkin’s tone both surprised and hurt her feelings — and wonders if she would have got the same response if she worked for a high-profile media outlet.

“The behavior that we see on the video surprised and hurt me a lot. I didn’t understand why I was getting a reaction like that. I thought, maybe this publicist didn’t have a good coffee that morning. There are some gentle ways to say no,” Beauchamp said.

“Would she have said the same thing and use the same tone to a very popular entertainment TV show ? I started the Tapis Rose project to have cool cinema chats with directors, actors and enhanced women in the cinema industry…. I guess I didn’t have a chance to do it this time.”

Beauchamp tells Radar she enjoys getting unexpected, honest responses from celebrities on the red carpet — but never expected such an honest answer from a publicist.

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“I’m passionate about film and I love getting off-the-cuff comments from actors as they stroll the red carpet. I like to ask more provocative questions than ‘What are you wearing?’ Sometimes I’m surprised by the honesty of the answers,” she told Radar.

“I just never thought I’d get my most honest response from a publicist!”

Beauchamp tells Radar she wanted a sound-bite from Cotillard in French, but instead got an inside look at “star-maker machinery behind the red carpet.”

“I was looking for a few comments from Marion Cotillard about how much fun she has when she is shooting a movie. Marion is a beloved actress here in Quebec, so I thought it would be special to get some comments from her in French,” Beauchamp said.

“Her publicist allowed her to take several questions from my colleague, but when I politely asked for my turn, well, you can see Bryna’s reply for yourself.”

Beauchamp also tells Radar that Cotillard’s boyfriend, director Guillaume Canet, was “super friendly and very nice” on the red carpet.

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“I put the video online because I thought it was a rather honest—and totally unexpected—look at the star-maker machinery behind the red carpet,” Beauchamp concluded.

“A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words…”

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