Scientology Lawyers Get Leah Remini Deposition Indefinitely Postponed: ‘They Don’t Particularly Want That Deposition Taken’

The darkest secrets of Scientology will stay hidden for now, since an explosive deposition by former Church member Leah Remini has been indefinitely postponed, has learned exclusively.

Remini was set to give a deposition about her time in the church on October 15, as part of the ongoing lawsuit from Monique Rathbun against the church.

But after Scientology lawyers moved to quash the deposition, as has reported, it was taken off the table — for now.

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“It was delayed by agreement to take her deposition at a later date,” attorney Marc Wiegand, counsel for the plaintiff, tells Radar. “As of right now, the date is not set in stone.”

Because of what Remini could spill, lawyers for the church, “don’t particularly want that deposition taken,” Wiegand explains. “But we’re entitled to discovery on matters that are relevant, and this is a relevant matter.”

Lead counsel for the plaintiff, Ray Jeffrey, previously told that they hoped to have her spill details on church leader David Miscavige‘s overarching control of church functions and the Rathbuns in particular. Rathbun is suing the church and Miscavige personally for harassing her and her husband, former high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun.

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“They have a lot of lawyers involved in this case, and we have been obliged to find mutually agreeable dates to do things,” Wiegand explains. “Setting the dates for depositions has been a matter of discussion.”

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