The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Finds Out Brian Jarosinki Has A Girlfriend

Ben Scott may have been last week’s villain on Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette, but on the June 10 episode, contestant Brian Jarosinski stole some of Ben’s “villain” heat temporarily.

In the middle of the episode, Desiree got a surprising call from host Chris Harrison before she was supposed to pick Kasey Stewart up for a date. Chris informed her that she needed to head over to the house because one of the guys was lying to her and had a girlfriend back at home.

“Find love and finding my husband is not a game,” Desiree told the cameras as she rolled up to the mansion.

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Desire then took Brian Jarosinski outside to question him about the news Chris had delivered regarding Brian and his alleged “girlfriend.”

“I want to know if your conversations are sincere?” Des asked.

Brian then started talking about his “ex-girlfriend.”

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“It was over a long time ago,” he said. “There’s certainly still a friendship [that’s] not over at all.”

“Do you know how she felt about it?” Desiree asked, as Chris escorted Brian’s “ex,” Stephanie Larimore, outside. “Because she is actually here.”

Stephanie then confronted Brian.

“What brings you out here?” she asked. “Do you realize this girl is looking for love, a husband? You told me you wouldn’t see anyone else.”

Brian then tried to explain to Desiree: “Stephanie and I had a relationship in the past.”

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But apparently they never broke up AND Brian never told Stephanie he was going on The Bachelorettte.

“I never told her,” he admitted.

Brian had lied to Stephanie about why he was going out of town for so long.

“You told me you were going to California for a business meeting,” Stephanie said. “I tried to break up with you.” But he just wanted to take a “break” and told Stephanie that they would reconnect on May 10 — which was coincidently the day when filming for the show would wrap.

“You deserve to be exposed for the man that you are because you are a coward,” Stephanie cried.

The story continued to pour out. Chris pointed out that Brian had told casting he was single long before going on the show. But Brian was with Stephanie the day before the show (she claimed to have picture proof) and even had sex with her two nights before leaving for the show.

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So did Brian get to stay on The Bachelorette?

“No, not a chance,” as Des put it.

Before the end of the scene, Stephanie let Brian have it.

“You’re a lying, cheating, deceitful pig is what you are,” she cried.

“Brian, we can’t have you on The Bachelorette,” Chris chimed in. “I need you to leave this house right now.”

Brian was then escorted out to pack and the girls hugged.

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“He needs to do some soul searching I think,” Des said to the cameras. “The idea of doing that to someone else is ridiculous. Moving forward, I can only trust my intuition and hope it’s right.”

Desiree then had a talk with the remaining men.

“The girl you saw was actually Brian’s girlfriend,” she said as she addressed them. “Obviously, he’s not in a position to find love. I am here to find love, so if you have anything to tell me or if you are hiding anything, tell me now.”

The guys were silent.

Besides Brian, Brooks Forester had a mini-epic scene. During the first group date, he broke his finger while playing dodge ball and had to go to the hospital. But even after he left the hospital to return to the date, Chris Siegfried got the rose.

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Desiree only had one one-on-one this week and it was with Kasey. They danced on the side of the building, almost got blown away during their dinner portion, but he still got the rose.

During the second and final group date of the episode, Des made a move on suave Juan Pablo Galavis and they made out while watching a movie. The rose for this date went to James Case, though.

Bryden Vukasin, Juan Pablo, Zak Waddell, Brooks, Drew Kenney, Zack Kalter, Brad McKinzie, Michael Garofola, Mikey Tenerelli, and Ben got roses.

Brandon Andreen and Dan Cox were sent packing.

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