Forget Rock Star, Party Like A Richie! You Will NOT Believe What Nik Did, And How He’s Still Alive!

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If there were awards given for party performances then founder Nik Richie would be a sure-fire winner for his one-man show that makes The Hangover look like a children’s party, and has all the exclusive details, and video, of his outrageous exploits.

The controversial website founder turned Couples Therapy star didn’t just do a shot on his 34th birthday – he downed an ENTIRE BOTTLE of tequila in one go – and lived to tell the tale!

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Radar staff watched the video and pretty much everyone came to the same conclusion – no way! That cannot be real… it has to be water in the bottle… he’d drop dead from alcohol poisoning! But Richie, backed up by staff at Night Access Presents Fridays at Stingaree in San Diego, insists it was NOT a hoax!

“I swear, it is totally, 100 percent the real deal. I have Patron in my blood, I have this crazy tolerance for it,” Richie exclusively told while still recovering from his blowout birthday bash. “I’m catching a flight to Dallas, and I have another party to get through tonight. Shayne wants to kill me right now!! She hates that I can drink like a champion!”

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The amazing alcohol-fueled feat was all caught on video. In it, Richie is shown being passed a full bottle of Patron by host Matt Gerold, and proceeds to pour it right down his throat without hardly even pausing as the crowd around his VIP table excitedly cheers him on.

“I thought we were going to share the bottle and chug, and give it to other people maybe – but I’ve never seen him do that before!” Gerold, the owner and founder of Night Access reveals to Radar.

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“Afterwards there was a s**t load of girls at the party trying to come up to the table, and I didn’t know what he was going to do – if he was going to go to the bathroom and throw up – but he seemed decent for a while. It was near the end of the party so there was only 20 minutes left,” he explains.

“I didn’t talk to him for the rest of the night and he was staying at a hotel just down the street and even if he was really messed up he could have just stumbled back,” Matt says. “I was worried because I texted and Facebook messaged him afterwards asking, ‘Are you alive?’ and I didn’t hear from him.

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“At least we didn’t find him the next day throwing up out of his mouth or dead in his hotel room.

“I’ve been out with him a bunch of times but have never seen him go crazy like that! That was pretty insane. I had the bottle in my hand and he kept chugging, then he took it again, and again, then he flipped it over, and I thought ‘This guy is f**ked!'”

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Meanwhile, Nik’s reality star bride Shayne Lamas was back home with their beautiful 15-month-old daughter, Press Dahl Lamas-Richie.

“After she sees this video she is definitely going to want to kill him,” Gerold jokes (or maybe not!!).

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As previously reported, once he has gotten over his birthday hangovers, Richie will be back in a Kentucky court for the retrial of the defamation lawsuit brought against him by shamed Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones.

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