Dog Saves Puppies From House Fire — The Pics You Have To See!

By Radar Staff

A dog saved her puppies from a house fire and incredibly placed them, one by one, in the storage bin of a fire engine!

The amazing scene took place in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile, on Thursday after a car bomb went off setting a house on fire.

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A German Shepherd mix, called Amanda, was in the house with her 10-day-old puppies.

Firemen soon noticed the brave canine mom gently carrying each of her puppies out of the house in her mouth, and placing them in an open storage bin on the side of their truck.

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Once she had them all in place, she curled up around them to continue protecting them from the danger.

Overwhelmed at what they’d seen, the firemen took the dogs to a vet once they’d put out the blaze.

All but one of the puppies, who had severe burns, survived.

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The remaining four pups and their heroic mom, Amanda, are now said to be awaiting adoption to new homes.


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