From Homely To Hottie! Jennifer Aniston's High School Days

By Radar Staff

Jennifer Aniston, is that you?

Before she sky-rocked to international superstardom playing Rachel on the hit show Friends, Jennifer was a normal High School student in New York City, and has photos from her Freshman year at The Rudolf Steiner School.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston’s High School Years

In the recently released photos, which were taken in 1984, a young and fresh-faced Aniston is depicted as an average coed, casually clad in her school t-shirts and sweatshirts without any makeup on.

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Aniston, who was cast in her first television role in 1990’s Molloy, was already practicing her acting skills at her Waldorf high school – in one of the photos she is shown dressed in a costume and acting in her high school play.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston looked a lot different when she was younger? Sound off below.



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