Johnny Depp Imagined George Bush ‘Incredibly Stoned’ As Inspiration For His Movie Character

By Amber Goodhand – Radar News Editor

Johnny Depp makes his first ever appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and finally reveals how some of his most talked about movie characters were born — by imagining George Bush “incredibly stoned.”

“The idea behind Will Wonka, certain ingredients you add to these characters like Willy Wonka for example,” Johnny says in the clip on

“I imagined what George Bush would be like incredibly stoned. And, thus was born my version of Willy Wonka.”

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Johnny, 48, plays a quirky character in his latest Tim Burton endeavor Dark Shadows, but says his character in Edward Scissorhands was inspired by his dog.

“Scissorshands was a combination. It was the idea of like a newborn, like a newborn seeing things for the first time and also a dog that I had,” he says.

“Sort of, this dog that I had where this unconditional love, this sort of purity in my dog. Those were the basic ingredients.”

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Johnny also talks about his biggest fear — dancing.

“I hear you don’t dance at all, Johnny?” Ellen asks.

“I fear it more than anything in the world,” Johnny says, explaining that he’ll only do it if it’s for a movie. “Well, doing a film when it’s choreographed and you’re a character, it’s alright. But in life I’d rather swallow a bag of hair.”

Dark Shadows co-stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Grace Moretz join him on the show and Michelle reveals it was on her bucket list to work with Johnny.

Watch the video on

“Yeah, I had been talking about that because he has been on my bucket list but at one point I was leaving out the to ‘work with’ part and ummmm,” Michelle says.

“I realized that might not sound so good.”

Dark Shadows hits theaters nationwide on May 11 and you can catch Johnny’s full interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday.


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