‘Modern Family’ Mom Shows Off Her Maternal Instincts

Julie Bowen doesn’t just play the mom of Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland on Modern Family. She mothers them off screen too!

“I go to her with all my boy problems,” Ariel tells Star. “I’m like, ‘Tell me! What do I do? Do I like this person or do I not?’

“She asks me, ‘Does he text you and ask about you, or does he talk about himself?'” Ariel, 14, explains. “And I’m like, ‘He texts me about me.’ And she’s like, ‘He’s a good one.’… She asks me those questions and helps me realize what I’m looking for.”

And Julie, who also has three real-life kids of her own, shows on-screen daughter Sarah the same kind of loving attention. “Sarah is 21. She needs my advice like she needs a hole in the head,” Julie, 42, tells Star. “But I have been known to occasionally go to her house and just tidy up…. I do feel maternal towards her and protective.”

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