Maxine Page – Executive Editor

After starting out in media and radio in her native England, Maxine Page landed across the pond in Los Angeles at the beginning of the Millennium.

Working her way up through the tabloid ranks, with stints at The Globe, In Touch, Star magazine, Life & Style and the Mail Online, Maxine eventually settled at — first as a Senior Editor then Executive Editor.

Having earned her stripes on assignments ranging from the humiliating (poor Marlon Brando!) to the tropical (Thanks Mexican hurricane and Brad Pitt!) to the bizarre (Oh, June Pointer!) and the just downright dangerous and deranged (No, Courtney Love, she will NOT be your Private Detective!) Maxine finally hung up her reporting stripes and retired, kind of, to the editor’s seat.

Now her days are spent working with the best reporting team in the business on a brilliant product with a creative and energized team — yes really!

You can contact Maxine at: or follow her on Twitter @maxinepage

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