Super 8 Casting Director Arrested On Sex Offender Registry Charges

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

The Hollywood casting agent who had worked with children on Hollywood blockbusters such as Super 8 – despite a past conviction of child abuse – was arrested on Friday on suspicion of violating the sexual offender laws.

Jason James Murphy
was charged by Los Angeles prosecutors with failing to file a name change and a change of address and therefore not being listed on the Megan’s Law registry despite being a convicted sex offender, reported the Los Angeles Times.

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As previously reported, in 1996, then-19-year-old Murphy, from Seattle, Washington, was sentenced to nearly seven years for molesting and kidnapping a young boy who he met while working as a camp counselor.

Years later, the child abuser dropped his last name, and using the pseudonym Jason James, worked his way up the ranks of the casting industry to win coveted jobs on Super 8Bad News Bears and The School Of Rock, where he worked with numerous young actors hoping to get their big break.

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His most recent arrest came after his identity was revealed last month and could result in a three-year prison sentence if convicted.

According to the Times, Murphy’s attorney, Shawn Holley – who is most famous for representing Lindsay Lohan – said that her client had been in compliance with state rules and always used his legal name when applying for jobs.

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She claimed that investigators had “refused to consider any of the documentation we had and was hellbent in this charged environment of seeing Mr. Murphy arrested,” referring to the media frenzy over the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

Murphy was released Friday afternoon on his own recognizance and is due in court in Beverly Hills on January 18.


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