Plastic Fantastic? Marie Osmond Has ‘Undergone A Startling Transformation,’ Says Plastic Surgeon

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Marie Osmond‘s ever-changing face has repeatedly sparked speculation that the entertainer has had plastic surgery, and her new super-tight look is adding fuel to the rumors.

When the 52-year-old former Dancing with the Stars contestant appeared at the 80th Anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, she appeared more doll-like than the toys being donated for the holidays by the ‘Marine Toys For Tots’ charity she was supporting.

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“Marie appears to have undergone a startling transformation,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn (who has not treated the star) told in an exclusive interview.

“Her eyebrows are excessively arched, likely from Botox injections. Her lips resemble the classic ‘trout pout’ where the upper lip is excessively plumped in comparison to the lower lip,” he explained, adding that it may be from Juviderm injections.

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When recently asked by Prevention magazine how she felt about plastic surgery, Marie coyly answered: “We cherish youth more than we do wisdom. Will I do it? I’m sure. Nobody wants to have a saggy jowl. Is it bad to do? I don’t think anything is bad if it makes you feel better.”

“I’ve had a HydraFacial, which is a non-laser skin resurfacing. I had a second procedure, which was done with infrared light; it tightens the skin and stimulates collagen to make your face look more toned. And I use a lot of sunscreen.”

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However, our plastic surgery expert thinks her transformation is caused by something more aggressive than lasers, facials and sunscreen.

“The skin of her lower eyelids is smooth and wrinkle-free, possibly due to a lower eyelid lift, and her nasolabial folds (wrinkles from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth) are blunted, likely due to injections of Restylane,” revealed Dr. Youn.

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“Finally, the skin of her face is pristine – it’s as smooth as a marble counter-top!  I suspect she’s undergone laser treatments, such as the new Syneron eTwo laser,” he concluded.

As has previously reported, Marie walked down the aisle for the second time with her first husband, Stephen Craig, last May.

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Amazingly, she looks almost as young as she did when they were married first-time around in 1982, when she was just 26!


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