British Heiress Daphne Guinness: ‘I Use Clothing As A Form Of Defense’

By Leah Ornstein
Radar Style & Beauty Editor

Daphne Guinness is featured in the latest issue of the New Yorker, where the skinny socialite and style icon gets up close and personal with the culture-savvy magazine. She also invited them inside of her swanky NYC apartment, giving them a tour of the divinely decorated home and has video of her swanky digs.

“I’ve lived in so many different places it is difficult to say where is home,” the Brit born beauty, who first came to New York in the mid-1980’s admits, showing off her elaborately decorated space.

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Known for her over-the-top style sense, the 43-year-old reveals that her passion for fashion has a deeper meaning.

“I use clothing as a form of defense, maybe,” she says. “Some of the most sensitive people I know have been the ones with nose studs and the most tattoos.”

The heiress is also famous for her platinum blonde hair, which includes an attention-grabbing black streak. But don’t think the look was contrived!

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“It’s funny because a lot of things happened by mistake,” she pontificates. “My hair happened by mistake. It went from being red to purple, and then just got to where it is now.  It is a never-ending kind of shifting thing. It has to evolve.”

By looking inside of her palatial pad, it is impossible not to notice that she has a thing for nature.  While butterflies, snakes, lizards, feathers, fish and iridescent jellyfish are some of her favorites, there is one creature she doesn’t want to get close to.

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“I’m terrified of spiders!” She shares.

To read Daphne Guinness’ extensive interview with the New Yorker, pick up a copy on newsstands now.


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