VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Says Her Kids Ask, ‘Are You Going To Get Married Anytime Soon?’

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Two years after her split with Jon, Kate Gosselin told the Today Show she’s comfortable getting back in the dating scene. And she’s got the blessing of her eight children.

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The mother-of-eight, appearing on The Today Show Monday to plug the new season of Kate Plus Eight, admitted that her little ones have even broached the subject of their mom finding love again.

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“The kids [say,] ‘Are you going to get married anytime soon?’” Gosselin said. “I said, ‘You usually have to be dating somebody before you get married.’ Leah said the other night at dinner [said,] ‘You know, it’s kind of getting boring around here with just you.’

“So, I mean, I took that as permission, and that the other kids agreed … it’s good to see them moving that way.”

Kate said her kids have gradually come to terms with the fact that mom and dad won’t be getting back together.

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“People tell me that for the rest of your life you hope your parents get back together,” Gosselin said. “Since that is definitely not the case here, I can give them that permission to hope and wish, just be there for them and be supportive and talk about anything they want to talk about.

“I think through this experience my kids and I have grown so, so much closer. And overall, I’m very happy.”

It wasn’t all gloom and doom on the Jon front: Kate praised her ex for the job he’s done as co-parent.

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“In a positive change, he’s definitely in a situation where he’s doing better for the kids, trying to provide a more stable place for them to visit,” she said. “I mean, I’ll give him credit there.

“The kids come home happy generally and if they’re happy, I’m happy.”

Kate Plus Eight airs on TLC.



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