Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Remaining Goddess ‘Doing Really Well’ Following Split

By Cliff RenfrewRadar Staff Reporter

Natalie Kenly, the last, and now ex-remaining Charlie Sheen ‘Goddess’, is “doing really well” following the couple’s split, her mom tells

Film production artist Hanny Kenly was also keen to clear-up reports that Charlie had to demand his Mercedes back from her daughter, insisting that she never tried to keep the car and returned it willingly.

“Natalie is doing really well but I just want to protect my daughter,” Kenly said. “The car she was using has been returned – my daughter never kept Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes. It was never taken in the first place those stories are not true.”

Kenly confirmed that Natalie and Charlie have split and that she has moved her possessions out of Sheen’s gated Sherman Oaks home, but refused to go into details of why.

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Charlie’s other ‘Goddess’ Bree Olson left the 45-year-old actor back in April after dumping him by text message no less.

Meanwhile, Sheen is keeping busy and plunging himself back into work. As previously reported Charlie has signed with Lionsgate Television for a new sitcom which is set to make him even more money than his previous show, Two And A half Men.


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