VIDEO: Dr. Drew Says Charlie Sheen Needs Medication

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen “needs some medication,” as his current path will inevitably lead him to jail, an institution or an early grave, Dr. Drew Pinsky told’s Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard on the premiere of Pinsky’s new HLN talk show, Dr. Drew, on Monday.

Howard asked Dr. Drew how seriously the public should take the Sheen they’ve seen in various interviews, as the actor has openly discussed how he’s adopted an alter ego persona, a la the late groundbreaking comic Lenny Bruce.

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Dr. Drew said that “It’s one thing to say you’re playing a role, it’s another thing to believe” you’re the actual character.

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“So what does [Sheen] need then?” Howard asked Dr. Drew, who responded, “He needs some Depakote (a drug used to treat the manic phase of bipolar disorder) … he needs some medication.”

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Dr. Drew said that Sheen would greatly benefit from a simpler life and longstanding sobriety, noting that if he continues on the jagged path he’s been on, the only options are death, institutionalization or jail.

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The actor has reacted with hostility to Dr. Drew’s analysis in the past, as in an interview with Southern California’s K-EARTH 101 last month, Sheen said, “I think me and [Dr. Drew] Pinsky should jump in the ring, and I can show him how unstable these fists really are.”

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