EXCLUSIVE: Halle Berry’s Nasty Email To Baby Daddy: ‘You Were Only Good For One Thing’

Halle Berry sent the father of her daughter a scorching email that said, “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.”

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned the contents of that message sent to Gabriel Aubry, who is locked in a nasty custody battle with the Oscar winning star.

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People close to Halle claim that Aubry used a racial slur against her as sources on both sides are trading accusations. One source close to Aubry tells RadarOnline.com that he has never heard Gabriel use the ‘N’ word and can’t imagine him doing so.

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“It’s just not something that would come out of Gabriel’s mouth,” the source said. “I’ll confess that I’ve heard him call her “a f***ing b**ch” before — when he’s been provoked, but I am talking serious provocation.

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“And it’s very, very rare… usually when she would call him and go crazy at him he would go silent and let her rant and rave then just ask her ‘are you finished now?’. I think that used to wind her up more than if he lost his cool with her, which, admittedly I know he did on a couple of occasions.

“But there’s no way he was ever abusive to her. It’s completely the other way around if anything!

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“Halle’s timing in these ‘revelations’ speaks volumes. It’s amazing how she’s only now chosen to come forward about all this ‘abuse’ and Gabriel’s ‘bad parenting’, basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights.

“All Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter, and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle’s moods as to when and how he could see Nahla.

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“And now Halle’s totally gone off the deep end, because it’s all about her and it’s all about her controlling Gabriel and controlling the situation.

“She’s totally gone into spin mode and is trying desperately to paint herself as this tragic victim figure, as she’s done many times in the past.

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“But I’ve seen evidence to the contrary, and trust me – she’s no tragic victim, far from it.

“I honestly think Gabriel should release some of these messages he has from Halle, and tell his side of the story, but he won’t, he said he’s going to save them for family court, which will be a private, press-free environment. I know it sounds like I’m painting a picture but Gabriel truly does not want to do anything at all that could potentially damage his daughter, and he knows attacking Halle in the press would ultimately do that.

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“Unlike Halle Berry Gabriel is not concerned with the public believing he is the ‘wronged one’ and with controlling his image – he is concerned with his daughter and her welfare.

“Perhaps if Halle spent more time truly worrying about that and less time worrying about how she’s being portrayed in the press the situation would be better and easier for all concerned.”

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