VIDEO INTERVIEW: Heidi Montag On Plastic Surgery: 'I Was Going To Die Out Of Pain'

In an ABC Primetime Special titled “Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?” that aired Wednesday, Heidi Montag lifted the lid on her many surgical operations and made this stunning declaration: “I was going to die out of pain!”

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Montag, who underwent more than 10 procedures in just one day, shared her painful memories and emotions during her journey for perfection.

“I thought that first night that I came out of the hospital I was going to die out of pain,” Montag said.

“I didn’t think I could physically endure that much pain. I looked like I was hit by a truck. My body went through so much trauma.”

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She recalled, “I couldn’t event go to the bathroom. I couldn’t even walk for days. My face was so swollen. My back was so black and blue.”

In the interview, Montag, 24, detailed her host of surgeries including the following:

-brow lift
-nose job
-ears pinned
-chin shaved
-two breast enlargements
-back scooped out
-fat injected into her cheekbones
-lipo on her inner and outer thighs

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The Hills reality star has heaped blame on her surgeon, the late Dr. Frank Ryan, who she said did not tell her about all the issues associated with plastic surgery.

“I do not feel like I was prepared enough for this,” Montag said.

“How can you know when your doctor says it’s just a little this, it’s just a little that. It really becomes a lot. Doctors should walk you through all aspects of it not just the glamorous side of it.”

Dr. Ryan — whom Montag still called “the most amazing person I have ever known” — died in a car accident in August, shortly after Tweeting a photo of his dog.

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Janice Dickinson, the self proclaimed world’s first supermodel, was also interviewed on the mega makeover TV special.

Dickinson, 55, who “cut” herself by penning the book she titled “Everything About Me Is Fake… And I’m Perfect,” is no stranger to a plastic fantastic transformation.

“Surgery is good for you, it works for you,” Dickinson said.

She admitted to having a brow lift, collage, and botox.

“Botox? Yes! Plenty,” Dickinson said. “It has to be done. Every six months. I make so many faces the body eats it up or it goes away.”

But as far as Dickinson is concerned, she said she couldn’t care less about what the public thinks about her and her surgeries.

The only critics who matter are her two children, she added.

“They don’t want me having anymore surgeries,” Dickinson boasted. “My son said to me in the past, ‘if you get anymore surgeries, don’t talk to me.'”


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