PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Spotted In Mexico With Bodyguard

Kate Gosselin always seems to be on the move between her books, television appearances, and her big brood of kids. Recently, the mom of eight took her job south of the border with her bodyguard Steve Neild in tow and has the latest photos from the trip. 

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Spotted In Mexico With Bodyguard

Over the weekend the pair were seen walking around the grounds of a hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Kate was working. 

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Has Bodyguard Steve Neild Over For Thanksgiving

Steve and Kate looked at ease with one another on their walks around the grounds during their four-day trip. On one day, they were even wearing tops that were the same shade of blue.

Kate sported a huge grin on her face during one of their outdoor chats.

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Last year, Kate spent Thanksgiving with Neild and his wife Gina at her home. She called them “my best friends” and credited their support with helping her get through her divorce from Jon. 

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