EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan’s Plea To Judge Fox: Lindsay Needs Six Months to A Year In Rehab-Not Jail!

In just a few days, Lindsay Lohan will be back in court where she’ll likely get 30 days in jail for violating her probation.

Her father, Michael Lohan has arrived in Los Angeles from New York, and in an exclusive new video interview with RadarOnline.com, he says he plans to once again be in court and plead with Judge Elden Fox that his daughter belongs in long term rehab.

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“She’s at a point now where she can’t do things on her own. She shouldn’t have been allowed to go to New York on her own. She needs six months to a year in rehab where she can detox, get clean and get counseling,” Michael told RadarOnline.com.

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Following reports that Lindsay failed not one-but two court mandated drug tests in the last two weeks, Michael says he plans to “get to the bottom of things with Lindsay’s attorney,” Shawn Chapman Holley, who he says clearly does not have Lindsay’s interests in mind.

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“Shawn, Blair Berk, her business manager Lou Taylor…they’re like the three stooges,” Lohan told our Katie Rhames. “Nothing has gone right in Lindsay’s life since they’ve been in her life.

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“Let me ask you something, what was Lindsay’s first reaction to the report that she failed her test? ‘It’s nuts?’ Who told her to Tweet about it and finally admit it? Someone who told her to say those things in order to try and decrease her jail time!”


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