EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Barefoot Bandit Is No Hero, Victim Says

Residents of pristine Camano Island, Washington are cheering the arrest of Colton HarrisMoore, the so-called Barefoot Bandit who was arrested Sunday in the Bahamas.

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The teenage fugitive who has tens of thousands of Facebook fans is no hero to his former hometown neighbors, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Colton’s career of crime began on Camano Island when he was 12. By the time he was 13, his rap sheet had four arrests, his mother Pam Kohler admits.  In 2008, he was living in a juvenile detention halfway house when he decided to escape out a window.

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He was on the run ever since until his capture on the island of Eleuthera. Colton ended up there a week after crashing a stolen plane on nearby Grand Abaco Island where he is a suspect in at least seven break-ins in as many days.

Break-ins and stealing just about anything that wasn’t cemented down was his pattern back in Washington, one of his victims tells RadarOnline.com.

“Overall, the mood here is very happy.  We’re all very glad that he has been caught,” Laurie Flickner, owner of Elger Bay Grocery tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“I watched him grow up since he was a little kid.  His mother comes in the store almost every day.

“She’s made comments in the media saying that he hasn’t hurt anyone and I wish she would understand the meaning of hurt.  He has vandalized our business twice.

” The people who live on Camano Island that he robbed have been hurt. The people he stole the plane from and crashed in the Bahamas, I’m sure they were hurt .  So for her comment that he hasn’t hurt anyone, well  she’s just not in touch with reality to say that.”

Pam Kohler has retained a prominent entertainment attorney, RadarOnline.com has learned. She’s brought in O. Yale Lewis from Seattle to handle book and movie deals.  Lewis previously represented Courtney Love and the family of the late rock legend Jimi Hendrix.

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As RadarOnline.com reported earlier, movie producers are lining up to get the rights to Harris-Moore’s real-life “Catch Me If You Can” story.

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“He has not physically hurt anyone but he has taken away a sense of security that all of us on Camano Island have felt for years,” Laurie Flickner adds.

“Several of our customers have been robbed by him repeatedly so it is a huge relief that he has been captured.”

“We feel it will a shame if his mother makes money off of this.  He has broken the law and should be punished.  They shouldn’t be profiting off of his crimes, it’s just not right.”

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