VIDEO: Paul McCartney Singing “Michelle” A Dream Come True For First Lady, President Says

Pres. Barack Obama told Larry King Thursday that Paul McCartney‘s serenading of First Lady Michelle Obama with the Beatles‘ classic “Michelle” during a tribute concert at the White House this week stands out as one of his wife’s greatest thrills since he took office.

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“I saw you singing to Michelle last night with — with Paul McCartney,” King said. “That was a pretty nice kick, huh?”

Obama replied: “Let — let me tell you, the — I think that was one of the highlights that Michelle’s had, is when Paul McCartney sings ‘Michelle.’ To her, you know — when she was a little girl growing up on the south side of Chicago, I suspect she didn’t think that was ever going to happen.”

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McCartney, who repeated “I love you” to the first lady throughout his performance Wednesday night, later joked he could be the “first guy ever to be punched out by a president” for the harmless display of flirting.

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McCartney was on hand to collect the Gershwin Prize from the president; past recipients of the prestigious award include Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.

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