Tiger Woods Tries For Golf Comeback While Wife Elin Is In China

With his wife Elin and their two children off in Shanghai, China, Tiger Woods got off to a sputtering start at the PGA Memorial tournament in Ohio. He just barely made the cut, RadarOnline.com can report.

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Elin’s trip to China to visit with her brother Axel was first reported by RadarOnline.com.

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Tiger’s estranged wife and their kids, Sam and Charlie, are expected to be in Shanghai for a week.

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The couple is edging ever-closer to divorce. They live in separate homes in the Orlando, Florida area, and Elin is preparing to demand sole custody of their children.

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Tiger’s performance on the course is showing the stress of what’s going on at home. After taking time off for a neck injury, he made the cut Friday with just two shots to spare. He was a full 10 shots behind the game’s hot new sex symbol, Rickie Fowler, 21, who is being called a “young Tiger.”

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