PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin – One Sexy Shopper

Kate Gosselin got all glammed-up to go on a shopping trip to her local Target with her best pal Jamie, and has the new photos.

With her hair tied-back and sporting a skimpy blue top, short skirt, strappy brown heels with matching leather bag, the famous reality TV mom was looking hot-to-trot.

PHOTO: Kate Gosselin – One Sexy Shopper

After filling up their shopping cart, the two women headed to Austin’s restaurant in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Wednesday night to enjoy a well deserved girls’ night-out for the hard working mom-of-eight.

Sadly, Gosselin admitted recently that she was lonely during another shopping trip to get supplies for her family.

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Says She’s Lonely

While her ex-husband Jon has enjoyed a string of flings with younger women since the couple split, she has not yet found a steady boyfriend.

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When asked about rumors that she’s getting a dating show, Gosselin was coy, artfully dodging the question with her response: “It’s furious… I really… everybody… they’re just all talking about it and I haven’t said anything.”

Gosselin, who showed off her toned and tanned figure in a navy blue skirt, then said (possibly with a hint of sarcasm): “I am lonely and I do need help… and I’m not mean like everyone says I am.”

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The employee helping Kate agreed on the last part, calling her funny – a compliment which caused Kate to break into a huge smile.

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