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Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman Settles Workers Comp Case

Nadya Suleman is about to collect $23,120 from the insurance company representing Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, CA, has learned. 

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The mother of 14, including her famous octuplets, suffered a back injury while working as a psychiatric tech at the hospital in 1999. She has already received $167,000 in disability payments, which were paid out over eight years. broke the story of Suleman’s ongoing fight for money relating to her back injury, said to have occurred during a “riot” at the facility, and a subsequent auto accident she had on her way to a compensation hearing.

Nadya Suleman Trying For More Workers Comp Money

This final payment is part of a $40,000 settlement that will close the books on the case.  Nadya has already received $10,880 of the amount by way of permanent disability payments.  $6,000 is going to attorney fees.

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