EXCLUSIVE: Spencer Pulled A Gun On Me, Says Former Friend

In the months leading up to his breakup with Heidi, Spencer Pratt‘s erratic behavior became increasingly dangerous and one former friend tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that the reality star pulled a gun on him!

During the last few months of their marriage, Heidi and Spencer rarely left their house. Now an insider reveals exclusively to RadarOnline.com the bizarre antics that ocurred behind closed doors.

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“Spencer and Heidi ordered one thousand dollars in just munchies from Gelsons Market and had it delivered to their house,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

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“One time they asked me to go pick up food for them and I was an hour late getting it back to their house. Spencer unleashed on me.  “He pulled a Glock [pistol] on me at the door and called me a loser and a charity case. He started talking like a gangster and threatening me.

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“He was out of control. That was back in March and it was the last time I spoke to him.”

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According to the source, Heidi just stood by by during most of Spencer’s explosive tantrums. “She’s a really nice girl but definitely brainwashed,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “She couldn’t do anything without Spencer. They don’t talkto their families. We were surprised she was even able to get away from him.”

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As RadarOnline.com reported, Heidi announced her separation from Pratt last week and is moving in with her friend Jennifer Bunney this summer while the two film their new show.

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“Heidi and I are moving into a Malibu beach house this summer,” Bunney told RadarOnline.com. “We’re really excited to do girly things and show people who we really are and that we’re really fun, sweet and loyal girls.”

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Bunney revealed that Spencer and Heidi are “not legally separated” but “she is moving in with me. It’s just her being able to have some freedom from marriage and for us to work on our friendship and focus on things we want to focus on.”

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