EXCLUSIVE HOME VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Full Of Hot Air – Literally

If you needed any proof Jon Gosselin is full of hot air, watch this. RadarOnline.com has another version of Jon and Hailey Glassman unplugged during the former lovebirds’ trip to St. Tropez, France, last summer – and this one’s a gas!


In the exclusive home video, Hailey is forced to evacuate the balcony of their lush hotel room after the reality television dad of eight let one rip.

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“You may need to hold your nose,” Jon tells Hailey. “I feel something brewing down under… uh-oh, this one’s wet.”

Proving he has plenty of excess air in that 33-year-old body, Gosselin also lets out a loud- and proud- burp after indulging in cans of Coke.

As RadarOnline.com reported, Gosselin flew with Glassman to the luxurious French retreat, where they partied with Ed Hardy creator Christian Audigier in the weeks after his separation from ex-wife Kate.

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At the time, Kate was home in Pennsylvania taking care of the couple’s brood.

On the tape, Gosselin and Glassman take pleasure in continuing to trash the French people and their culture.

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“They’re so rude,” Glassman said.

According to one source, the pair spent most of their vacation drinking expensive champagne and “smoking spliffs” – which is marijuana mixed with tobacco.

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Following their return from France, Gosselin and Glassman eventually broke up, leaving behind bad debts and a broken-heart: Glassman alleges Gosselin cheated on him with a number of women.

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