VIDEO: Tom Cruise Dances, Katie Holmes Sings For Charity

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise did an amazing job singing and dancing Saturday night in Los Angeles, it’s leaving people wondering is Dancing With The Stars next?

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Wearing a sexy black ruffled halter dress and black stockings, Katie serenaded Tom with Whatever Lola Wants from the musical Damn Yankees, and has the video.

The husband and wife team put on quite the show at the A Fine Romance Benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund at 20th Century Fox in Century City, California.

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Tom was wearing a white button-down shirt and black pants. Katie runs her fingers through Tom’s famous locks. Although Tom does very little dancing, at one point—she pushes him to the ground.

The song ends with a kiss and a dip by talented Tom!

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You may recall Katie was spotted at a dance studio more than a week ago with famed choreographer Tyce Diorio. And she made her TV dancing debut last season on So You Think You Can Dance.

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Katie –expect a call from Tom Bergeron—we see Dancing With The Stars in your future!

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