PHOTOS: Lindsay And Dina Lohan Back Home In LaLa Land

California, here they come: Lindsay Lohan, accompanied by her mother Dina, returned to Los Angeles via LAX Monday after a few days in New York, and has all the pictures for you.

PHOTOS: Lindsay And Dina Lohan Back In L.A.

We also caught up with Lindsay’s dad Michael, who’s also in L.A. shooting a music video for an aspiring Swedish singer he describes as, “the next Lady Gaga.”

He said he hopes to reunite with his daughter and ex-wife to smooth out some recurring problems.

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Michael told exclusively Monday: “Hopefully, the opportunity of having Dina and Lindsay here in L.A. will help us all to get on the same page with a lot of issues.”

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Lindsay, the talented-yet-troubled star of Mean Girls, has been at the center of media attention in recent weeks for her wild lifestyle, high-profile family feuds and angry Twitter exchanges with her ex, Samantha Ronson.

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