PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Introduces New Girlfriend To His Kids

Things must be getting serious between Jon Gosselin and his new girlfriend, Ellen Ross – so serious in fact that the reality dad of 8 introduced Ellen to six of his kids Friday, and can bring you the photos.

PHOTOS: Jon Introduces His Girlfriend To His Kids

Jon and Ellen were spotted picking up his sextuplets from the school bus in Reading, Pennsylvania and judging by the pictures the kids weren’t phased to be meeting daddy’s “new friend” – in fact they were all smiles and laughs and obviously happy to be seeing their dad.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin & New Girlfriend Take Bike Ride

Jon seems to be adjusting to his life as a single father, showing the kids around his new apartment, looking for a new job and now finally introducing his adorable brood to the new lady in his life.

PHOTOS: Jon Takes The Kids To His Apartment

Let’s just hope this one lasts longer than the last ones….

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