EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutor Tells Radar She’ll Seek To Jail Lindsay Up To 180 Days If Probation Violated

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers tells RadarOnline.com that she will seek to jail Lindsay Lohan for up to 180 days if the actress has violated her DUI probation.

Meyers statement shows how serious Lohan’s situation has become, with the actress skipping her alcohol education class some weeks and the judge handling the case ordering her to court on Thursday.

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Meyers, who has been handling Lindsay’s case since her 2007 arrest, had strong words about jail time Lindsay will be facing if the judge finds she violated her probation terms.

The Deputy District Attorney told RadarOnline.com: “Any failure to abide by the court order, any failure to abide by what the alcohol education program dictates, or excessive alcohol use, and I will be asking for jail time if the judge feels it constitutes a violation of probation.”

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Meyers points out that the judge will ultimately determine Lindsay’s fate but the D.A. will get to make a sentence recommendation. Meyers also tells us that if Lindsay has been found to have been “using illegal drugs or lying to the court, I will be asking for substantial jail time ranging from 0-180 days.”

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One source says a sentence of 30 to 45 days is more likely to be handed to Lohan if the judge determines she violated probation. And with jail overcrowding a factor, Lindsay is unlikely to serve even close to that much time.

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