EXCLUSIVE: Kendra's First Pay Check For Sex Tape — $680,000!

Kendra‘s first pay check for the soon-to-be-released sex tape is a massive $680,000, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The reality television star secured the secret payment from Vivid in addition to receiving up to 50 percent of sales, as RadarOnline.com was first to report.

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Until now, Kendra’s upfront payment has been kept secret. But several sources with direct knowledge told RadarOnline.com that the former Girl Next Door will get her whopping check this week.

And we have learned there are many more Kendra sex tapes to come.

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Kendra’s ex-boyfriend Justin Frye — the man who orchestrated the deal with Vivid — sold a virtual library of home videos that numbered as many as 20 tapes and tens of hours of content, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

It has set up Vivid to release a series of money-making sequels to the Kendra Exposed premiere, which is scheduled to be released on DVD this week.

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As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Frye — a newlywed and construction worker — received  $100,000 for selling the tapes.

Now sources close to the 28-year-old reveal he is also getting a percentage of sales, although it is a much smaller percentage than Kendra’s and is set up as a step deal, meaning he will get varying percentages depending on the level of sales.

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Frye and his wife plan to use their cut to purchase their first home in Arizona. They married within the past year.

RadarOnline.com learned new details about Kendra’s relationship with Frye. They dated for nearly five years, through high school and the time she worked as a stripper. Their relationship quickly dissolved after she moved to the Playboy mansion and became part of The Girls Next Door.

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But Frye is the one who initiated the sale of the sex tapes, hoping for a big payday. And while Kendra has publicly protested, she has secretly agreed to the sex date release and cut a lucrative financial deal, as RadarOnline.com was first to report.

Frye and Kendra lived together for years. He had a camera set up on a tripod in the bedroom, several eyewitnesses told RadarOnline.com. He also had a stripper pole in the apartment they shared.

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Over the course of their relationship, Kendra allowed Frye to record her at her wildest – including while she was with other partners.

In one video, Kendra’s co-star is a woman named Taryn. RadarOnline.com has also viewed still images reportedly taken from another scene, which shows Kendra straddling another woman, who is wearing skimpy lingerie.

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“There are hours of tape and it’s all high quality, too,” one source told RadarOnline.com. “Justin was more than an amateur cameraman. He had experience filming street biking and this is some of the gnarliest tape footage in terms of quality that anybody has ever seen, ever.”

As RadarOnline.com revealed, Kendra first shopped the sex tape around in 2008. She retained a lawyer and formed Home Run Productions, LLC in November of that year for the potential sale.

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“Greed got in the way of the deal,” the source told us, revealing for the first time why the tape wasn’t sold at that time.

“Too many people were involved… the negotiations went sour and it was pulled.”

Two years after the first sale was nixed, an enterprising Frye approached Vivid, realizing he was sitting on a goldmine. He cut a deal and then Kendra secretly signed on.

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Vivid is now reporting Kendra’s sex tape has the highest pre-sale numbers of any celebrity tape the company has distributed, including Kim Kardashian and others.

Paris Hilton’s sex tape, 1 Night in Paris, sold more than one million copies.

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