EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Is Looking For A Job

Jon Gosselin is looking for a new way to bring home the bacon, a source revealed to RadarOnline.com. The former reality television dad, currently is on the hunt for new career opportunities.

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“He knows that he can’t do any other television shows [because of the settlement] but would like to get out there and work to provide for his family,” the source said. Jon pays ex-wife Kate child support for their eight children.

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While he has been approached to do several projects like invest in new companies or be the face of a certain product, Jon wants something more substantial, even if that means working a normal 9 to 5 job again!

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“Absolutely, 100 percent,” the source responded when asked if Jon would consider going back to a “normal” day job. “He’s considering different options. He’s not looking for something short term.”

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Jon, who used to work in the IT field before he hit reality television fame, is simply looking for “something he can do well.” He has learned from his mistakes and is moving on, focusing on his family and the future.

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“He’s getting his life back together a little bit at a time,” the source added. “He has a stable relationship with someone who has a job, he has his own place.

“He’s exercising again, he’s in a good place.”

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