VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Admits To Sharp Tongue – “I’ve Really Learned To Watch What I Say”

Kate Gosselin admitted that she has been verbally brutal toward her ex-husband Jon, at times, in an interview with The Today Show Wednesday, and we have the clip for you right here on

“I learned that in the heat of the moment, I have a sharp tongue, and looking back there are probably a lot of people that I love that I probably spoke to inappropriately,” Kate said. “And those are the people that are beside you to support you and love you — I’ve really learned to watch what I say.”

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Gosselin was on the show to promote her new book, I Just Want You To Know. She said that despite a bitter divorce and looming custody battle, she was not in an angry state of mind toward Jon while writing the book, preferring to remember him when the then-loving couple had just become reality stars — or as she said, “when things were good.

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“Those memories are good memories for me and good memories with my kids, as well,”  she said.

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Kate was also asked if her newly-announced show with TLC, Twist of Kate, adds credence to Jon’s claims that she is more occupied by show business than taking care of their eight children.

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“Well, I don’t see another option — I have eight children to provide for,” Kate said in her defense. “This is a great opportunity. It’s certainly not going to cut the mustard working as a nurse, 12-hour shifts, six days a week … I’m thankful for the opportunities that I have that I can provide for my kids.”

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Kate will be back on TV when Dancing With The Stars returns at 8/7c Monday on ABC.

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