PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Back To The Grind

Kate Gosselin is getting back into the grind of everyday life following her stint on Dancing With The Stars, which ended when she was voted off two weeks ago.

PHOTOS: Kate Picks Up The Kids From School

Kate was back to doing what she does, and loves best, mommy duty – picking up her adorable kids from the school bus on Friday, and can bring you the photos.

PHOTOS: Kate Trying To Keep Up With The Kids

Caring for eight kids looks like as much work as her grueling dance schedule was – as Kate loaded the kids into the van they were all begging for snacks, let’s hope Kate is planning on an early dinner!

PHOTOS:  Jon Gosselin At Autograph Signing Event

And there’s no rest for a working mom – earlier in the day a harried looking Kate was seen running errands in Reading, Pennsylvania, stopping at the local crafts store, the UPS store and the dry cleaners.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin And Kids Start Filming Kate Plus 8

As if that wasn’t enough to tire out any mere mortal, the super-mom ended her day by taking the twins, Cara and Maddy to the doctors.

PHOTOS: Jon Does Work Around The House While Kate Does Shopping

Phew! We’re exhausted just watching Kate go about her day!

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