PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin, Multi-Talented Dad

Golf, soccer and a scooter – Jon Gosselin can do it all.

While Kate was back to Los Angeles for her Dancing With The Stars commitment, Jon had fun with the kids and has the photos.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin, Multi-Talented Dad

After filing legal papers seeking primary physical custody of his eight children, perhaps Jon was attempting to prove a point.

Spending time with the kids, and letting the public see it right now, might make everyone forget the weeks he spent away from them, as first reported by

COURT DOCUMENTS: Read The Complaint

The public display of Jon’s parenthood at Kate’s home in Reading, Pennsylvania, came amid reports Jon had floated the idea that he would “consider” doing a reality show with his ex-wife.

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Kate is doing a new show for TLC, titled Twist of Kate, along with Kate Plus 8, as a series of specials.

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Neither show has any plans on using Jon Gosselin, has learned.

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Back On Kate’s Reality Show? Don’t Count On It

But through his lawyer, Jon has suggested he could join the new series’ – and in an apparently completely unconnected development – he might also considering settling the new dispute.

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