Michael Lohan To Dina: Work With Me Or I’ll Release Damaging Tapes

Michael Lohan is ready to end his war. His war with his ex wife Dina. His war with his daughter Lindsay. His war with daughter Ali. His war with everyone he sees preventing Lindsay from getting help and anyone endangering Ali.

But Michael has one condition: he wants ex-wife Dina and their daughter Ali to sit down with him privately, he told RadarOnline.com.

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“If Dina and Ali sit down with me and our lawyers, I’ll handle things in private,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “But if she refuses, then I’m going to go to Child Protective Services in New York and I’ll take Dina to court for other reasons.”

Those other reasons presumably are connected to Ali. Michael brought Sherriff’s deputies to Lindsay’s apartment last week to make a “welfare check” on Ali.

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Michael says he has more than 100 audio tapes that will be extremely damaging to Dina and he is threatening to release them.

“If Dina continues to talk and say these things, I’ll release all the tapes,” he said. “I’ll release every last conversation with Dina and let me tell you, they’re not good,” he told RadarOnline.com.

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As for Dina’s statements to RadarOnline about Michael wanting a conservatorship in order to get at Lindsay’s money, Lohan says, “From the very beginning, I wanted no part of Lindsay’s finances. If anyone did it was Dina and she took her to the bank. Dina’s been taking commissions for years. I never took one red cent.”

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Dina told RadarOnline.com that Michael is a “3-time felon who went to jail because he robbed people of their money.”

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To that Michael says, “I’m not a 3-time felon. I never robbed anyone. I went to jail for criminal contempt. Dina must be talking about her brother Paul who just got out of jail for robbing a 9/11 fund for over one million dollars.”

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Michael continued to combat more of Dina’s claims, specifically that Lindsay and all of her children have had orders of protection against him for years.

“Lindsay never had a restraining order against me. You can look it up,” Lohan said. “Dina and her family have one against me because I beat up her (relative) for smoking crack cocaine at my son’s first communion party. Our life was fine and we were a close-knit family until Dina and I broke up. It was after our divorce that Dina began to distance Lindsay and my other three children from me.

“She is delusional, she needs help. All I ever wanted was to sit down with Dina and help our children together, first.”

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Michael then released a statement saying: “If Dina wants to persist with the lies, denials and false accusations, I WILL release every one of the over 100 tapes I have of her stating the exact opposite of what she has been saying about Me and Lindsay.

“Bottom line is, this is and was about getting Lindsay help and providing Ali with a normal schooling and guidance. Dina has violated these things and more. But if Dina is willing to sit down and work with me to correct the things that need to be corrected, this all stops.

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“But if she doesn’t and she continues to lie about me and the situation, I will report her to Child Protective services, take her to court for everything I can and I will prove every one of her lies and her family members for what they are.”

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