EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods’ Wife Flies Home To Sweden With Their Children

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin flew home to Sweden with their two children on Monday, RadarOnline.com reports exclusively.

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Elin flew to Sweden with one stop after leaving Orlando on Monday, as exclusively revealed by RadarOnline.com. Elin arrived in Stockholm around 4:30am local time. As RadarOnline.com previously mentioned, Elin flew via private jet.

Though European airports had been closed thanks to the ash cloud from a recent Icelandic volcano, flights recently had been allowed back into Sweden. One news report confirmed that airspace over northern and central Sweden is now open and Stockholm’s Arlanda airport is open to flights to and from the United States.

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The new separation comes as the couple continues to live apart and spends virtually no time together. Elin has taken four trips without Tiger in the past several weeks, including four nights in Arizona that overlapped with Tiger’s appearance in the Masters.

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RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Elin is not planning a short stay but is also not in Sweden for an extending trip.

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Elin and Tiger’s relationship has been icy lately, RadarOnline.com has learned. They are civil in sharing the children but do not interact and live in separate houses.

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Tension in the Woods’ marriage has centered on Tiger’s return to golf, sources tell RadarOnline.com. And Elin was visited by an out of town divorce attorney last week.

Elin’s trip is characterized as a vacation, not a life-changing event, by a source familiar with the situation. And yet the continued separation has made the couple’s ongoing struggles obvious.

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