EXCLUSIVE: Absentee Dad: Jon Gosselin Spent WEEKS Away From His Kids

Jon Gosselin should prepare to explain this in his court battle against ex-wife Kate.

While charging that Kate is an “absentee mom,” Jon did not see his children for weeks by his own choice, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

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Jon spent time in Utah and California with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie until she recently dumped him.

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“He didn’t see the kids for weeks and the only reason was that he wanted to hang out with his girlfriend,” a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “He’s claiming that Kate is an absentee mother when the truth is she’s a working mother.

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“What he’s saying is an insult to every mother who has to work to take care of her family.”

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Jon is going to court Wednesday to file papers trying to obtain primary physical custody of his eight children, RadarOnline.com confirmed.

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He is claiming Kate’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars makes her an absentee mother who leaves her children with an army of nannies.

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But Jon has not addressed the fact that until recently he didn’t see his children at all because he wanted to be with his girlfriend.

Kate is making $200,000 for her appearance on the hit ABC show and flies from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and back again every week, rarely missing more than a few nights with the children.

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Jon, however, didn’t see the kids at all until Morgan dumped him.

“When they compare who has spent more time with the children Jon is going to be embarrassed,” the source said. “He’s doing this because he blew through all his money and has no place to live.”

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