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VIDEO: Kirstie Alley Says Conan O’Brien Had Ousting Coming

Kirstie Alley is getting the last laugh, for now at least.

In an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show airing Friday, March 26, the actress took a shot at Conan O’Brien, adding to their ongoing verbal feud.

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“You have to do the late night talk circuit. It must be tough facing the people have made a living making fun of you,” Ray said to Alley.

“Really most of those people have been in some pickles themselves,” Alley responded. “And some people overdo it a little bit. I don’t want to say names… Conan O’Brien… and I don’t want to say the word karma, but he doesn’t have a show. I do!” Point to Alley.

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Last fall, she and Star Jones traded messages on Twitter about the ginger-haired comedian. “I’ll tell you ONE B—H I’m gonna knck [sic] out next time I see her is CONAN O’B—H O’BRIAN,” Alley write. “That guy acts like I bit his d–k off.”

O’Brien eased off on using her as the punchline for fat jokes (he turned his attention to heavyset Peruvian president Alan Garcia Perez) but not before sending along one last zinger her way, saying his private parts were “not on the Weight Watchers diet.”

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