Kate Gosselin: I’m Dreaming About My Dance Partner

Dancing is not just a job for Kate Gosselin, it’s an obsession.

The mom of eight reveals that her gig on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars has become all-consuming, to the point where her partner Tony Dovolani is invading her dreams, which are filled with dance routines!

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In a blog she wrote for TLC, Kate says she now points her toes while waiting in line at the grocery store and adds: “I cannot begin to explain how all encompassing this dancing stuff is.

“I’m still in shock that, I, Kate Gosselin, am learning to dance.”

You can read Kate’s entire blog by clicking here.

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She reveals that at first her insecurities about her body and coordination stopped her from seeing the show as fun and instead she regarded it as a job.

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All that changed recently, as Kate writes: “But somewhere in the last two and a half weeks, I decided  I not only wanted to do this, but I was going to give it my all.”

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But even though she was determined to nail the dance routines, Kate reveals that her nerves took over and she forgot to smile, despite her happiness at what she was doing.

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Kate and Tony are in danger of elimination from the hit show because of their low score of 16 last week. But Kate says the “other” judges in her life gave her high marks!

“The judges’ marks didn’t reflect the hours and hours of hard work it took to perfect every second of our dance routine, but when I called home, there were eight judges who all gave rave reviews,” she writes.

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