EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James Told Alleged Mistress He Was Going To Announce Separation From Sandra Bullock Says Best Friend

Jesse James told his alleged mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee that he and wife Sandra Bullock were separated and they were going to go public with the news after her latest movie was completed, McGee’s best friend Mary Gusman told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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“He said they were separated and he was going to leave his wife and go public with the separation after the filming of her movie,” Gusman, a cocktail waitress at the Pure Platinum Strip Club, told RadarOnline.com.

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The Academy Award-winning actress’ husband was plotting to publicly end his marriage of five years Mary says Michelle told her. Michelle said Jesse had given her a timeline for his separation from Bullock.

She said Jesse told Michelle, “She’s in Atlanta, she’s in Texas doing her filming. After that’s coming out, since we’re so high-profile then we will come out with everything, but we don’t want to come out with the separation now.”

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Gusman added that Jesse when he told her the separation news would be made public, McGee had hope for their relationship. “It gave her the green light.”

Sandra And Her Past Loves

The devastating news that her husband cheated on her has caused Sandra to abandon the house she shares with James, and she has not been spotted publicly since the news of his alleged affair broke. She has canceled several appearances.

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Apparently, McGee is sorry for the pain that selling her story has caused. “I think Michelle is sorry for other people getting hurt,” Gusman added. “She doesn’t apologize because she feels deceived by Jesse James. Of course, she does feel for what Sandra must be going through and feeling because on some level Michelle feels it too.”

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