EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Wife Was Talked Out Of Divorce By Her Sister

As Tiger Woods slowly repairs his shattered marriage, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that his wife Elin was talked out of filing divorce papers by her twin sister Josefin.

Elin hired an Orlando-area divorce attorney after Tiger’s secret serial cheating became public. As more and more mistresses came forward with their stories of sexual encounters with the golfer, Elin told her lawyer to prepare divorce papers and was ready to file.

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But sources close to the situation tell RadarOnline.com that it was Josefin who convinced her sister to wait.

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Elin and Josefin are extremely close emotionally and Josefin was able to persuade her to wait and not file the divorce papers while her emotions were raw, the sources revealed.

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“Elin wanted to file right away,” a source told RadarOnline.com.

“She was devastated when the first mistress was revealed but when she realized he had betrayed her throughout the marriage she was furious and she wanted out.

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“But Josefin has been by her side through ever crisis, and at every key moment during all of this.”

When Elin traveled to Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to participate in Tiger’s rehab therapy for a week, it was Josefin who came and stayed with the children.

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“And when more and more women came forward, it was Josefin who told Elin not to file divorce papers out of anger – that she could always file them later,” the source said.

Josefin stressed the importance of doing what was best for the children but never tried to tell Elin her feelings were wrong or her emotions clouded, sources told RadarOnline.com.

Elin discovered Tiger’s affair with Rachel Uchitel on Thanksgiving and confronted him, leading to the golfer’s early morning car ride that end with him smashing into a tree. About a month later he entered rehab.

“When Tiger told Elin he really wanted to change and would do anything to save the marriage, it was Josefin who convinced her sister to give him a chance.”

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Now Elin is preparing to move back home with Tiger, as first reported by RadarOnline.com. They have been spotted in recent days hugging and kissing outside, truly remarkable progress for a marriage that was on the brink.

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