EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Corey Feldman Finishing Tattoo Tribute to Haim

Corey Feldman returned Wednesday afternoon to the tattoo parlor where he inked himself with a tribute to his late pal Corey Haim.

RadarOnline.com was there as Feldman went into T-Man Tattoo to have more work done on his left arm, where he had a tattoo placed Tuesday night.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Haim Getting Tattoo Tribute Finished

He entered at approximately 3:30 pm PST with a woman, while chatting on his cell phone. RadarOnline.com learned that Feldman was having color added to finish the tattoo that was started Tuesday night. The tattoo features a floating hot air balloon

Feldman was on a table as the tattoo artist continued to work near the same area where he etched a tribute to his pal Tuesday night. The tattoo features the numbers 222 but Feldman refused to explain what it meant.

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Haim died on March 10 from what appears to be a prescription pill overdose. An autopsy did not determine cause of death, however, with the result deferred until toxicology reports are finalized.

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Haim battled an addiction to prescription pills for years and his name was connected to a massive prescription drug ring currently being investigated by the California attorney general. The one-time child star was living with his mother, helping her as she battled cancer.

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