EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Octo-Mom’s Mom Says “My Daughter’s Insane”

“I lost everything I had,” Nadya Suleman’s mother Angela tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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“I had two houses, and now I’m in a rental,” Angela Suleman says. And she says it’s because her famous daughter borrowed money “and she never paid me a cent.”  Suleman says her daughter known as Octo-Mom is “so out of it, she doesn’t care.”

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Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is now being threatened with eviction from her La Habra, California home because she and her father haven’t kept up with payments.

“I’m done with all these problems with my daughter,’ Angela says, “I just see the grandchildren and that’s it.”

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As for the octuplets, Angela says they “are so healthy, so loveable, they are so alert.”
The children are all starting to run and walk. And at a time when she’s in fear of losing her home, Angela says “Nadya needs a bigger house.”

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Angela points out that Nadya still has six other kids at home.
“My daughter’s insane what can I say?”

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Angela, who enjoys talking about her grandchildren, says two of the older children are going to private school. And she reveals for the first time that among the octuplets are two sets of identical twins. She says her 34-year-old daughter wasn’t even able to identify the twins on her own.

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