Dog The Bounty Hunter On ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Movie

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler star in The Bounty Hunter and in the film Butler uses a variety of interesting techniques as a bounty hunter to bring in Aniston, his fugitive ex-wife.

So how real are the things he does in the movie?

PopEater turned to an expert on the matter – Dwayne “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman for a movie reality check. And surprisingly, Dog says there’s a lot of reality to the Hollywood movie.

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At various points Butler throws a fugitive in the trunk of his car, chases a fugitive who is on stilts, gives a fugitive a head start, breaks into a fugitive’s home and also punches a cop.

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Dog’s answers will surprise some. Throw a fugitive in a car? Yes. Break in to a house? Used to be able to but no. Chase a fugitive on stilts? Get real! Punch a cop? No way!

On breaking into a home, he tells PopEater: “I did that. Years ago, there was a law that you could do that.”

Fugitive on stilts: “Stupid. I would have had him so quick.”

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Punch a cop: “They are big brother. If the cop says,”‘Dog, I want you to do 50 push ups right now! Go!” — I’m going to do it. They are who I would really want to be.”

Dog’s complete answers are here on PopEater.

Plus, he addresses the infamous controversy about when he was caught on tape using the N-word.


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