EXCLUSIVE: Snooki Wants Her Own Show; Jersey Shore Negotiations Wrapping Up

Snooki is ready to break loose from the Jersey Shore!

We already know that she’s ready for action, and can take a punch, now her agent tells RadarOnline.com that she would love a spinoff if MTV thinks it’s a good idea.

She’s even got a name picked out: Snookin’ For Love!

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The Jersey Shore cast is currently in the middle of negotiations for a second season. An MTV publicist told RadarOnline.com that the outcome of the negotiations should be known Monday at the latest and possibly by Friday.

Meanwhile, Snooki’s agent Scott Talarico told RadarOnlne.com that that he can’t put a date on the end of negotiations because idea and proposals are still being discussed by the parties.

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“I am confident there will be a second season I am just not sure of the end date of the negotiations,” Talarico told RadarOnline.com.

So expect J-WOWW, The Situation and Snooki back on MTV despite the network letting it be known that an all new cast could be assembled quickly.

Meanwhile Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, has received more than her fair share of attention on the surprise hit and that’s got her thinking spinoff.

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“If in the event MTV would like to do a spin off show with her Snookie, she would love that,” says Talarico.

But not so fast, replies MTV. One of the network’s publicists told RadarOnline.com:  “All the cast members have talked about wanting their own spin off show but there are no shows in the works.

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“Snookie has talked about having her own spin off show. She talks about it a lot, she calls it Snookin’ For Love but again, no we have no plans for a spin of show yet.”

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