Hailey Glassman Confirms Reunion With Mother On Twitter

Hailey Glassman got a special present for Hanukkah—a repaired relationship with her mother.

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On Tuesday, Glassman took to her Twitter page where she said she’s back on speaking terms with her mother after an estrangement she says was sparked by Jon Gosselin.

“I got the best present for Hanukkah, which was my family n I reunited after all the outside manipulations and lies by “others”,” Hailey wrote on her Twitter page. “This is the 1st yr. I don’t care about a gift. My family is my gift n I am so grateful. I’m with my Mom right now,we are doing face masks! :-).”

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Glassman, 22, continues, “I’m so happy, YAY! I missed my mommy!-lol. I feel like a part of me is whole again :-). I can accomplish anything with my Mom at my side.”

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Hailey revealed that her turbulent relationship with Gosselin caused a rift between herself and her family.

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“When all the cheating accusations came out I’d catch him lying, he’d call my mother and tell her ‘I love Hailey, I would never cheat on her,” Hailey recalled to RadarOnline.com. “Those other girls are whores and they’re trying to extort money from me.’ At that point I would break up with Jon and tell him to leave me alone. My mom would then come to me and say, ‘Jon’s a great guy.’ He would manipulate my mother because he knew my mother and I were best friends. He would manipulate my mother to get back to me and I would forgive him.”

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